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Kinesiologist /Physiotherapy Assistant position available!

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South City Physiotherapy is actively looking for a full-time or part-time Kinesiologist or Physiotherapy Assistant to start March 2, 2015.

South City is a very busy clinic, so the right candidate will be energetic, dynamic, organized and resourceful.  Some evening hours (until 8 pm) will be required.  Please apply to

High ankle sprains

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Robbi Fabbri 2What is a ‘high ankle sprain’?

 by Teresa Fox – Registered Physiotherapist FCAMPT


I know a lot if you were cheering on Team Canada at the recent World Junior Championships and in our house there was a collective gasp as our Guelph Storm representative Robby Fabbri went down and was helped off the ice.  Tests later confirmed that Fabbri had suffered a high ankle sprain….so what is that exactly you might ask.

A high ankle sprain involves tearing of the connective tissue that connects the two lower leg bones, the tibia (shin bone) and fibula.  But that’s not all that’s involved.  There are also several very strong ligaments around the ankle.  Ligaments run from bone to bone and protect the joint from moving too much.   With so much support between bones and around the ankle there needs to be a lot of force to tear them.  Common mechanisms of injury include a player colliding with another player, being hit with great speed and force, or twisting/pivoting suddenly on a planted foot.  The result is an unstable ankle…the exact opposite of what a hockey player needs!

These high ankle sprains can be very debilitating.  Your physiotherapist at South City Physiotherapy has the knowledge and skills to get athletes back into full participation.   After a thorough assessment your physiotherapist will discuss a treatment plan with you to help you achieve your goal as well as reassessments during your course of treatment.

Treatment may include: taping/bracing or a removable cast like Fabbri’s; modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, acupuncture; manual therapy; balance retraining exercises; strengthening exercises; functional training exercises; and finally advanced sport specific training exercises.

I’m guessing that Fabbri’s goal is to be back on the ice full steam before the end of the regular season and ready for the OHL playoff’s!

Whiplash - Overcoming the agony of a fender bender

Whiplash – Overcoming the agony of a fender bender

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It’s a common sight on Canadian roads in winter: drivers losing control of their cars, sliding off the road or colliding with one another. Immediately after the bone-jarring crunch that can result from such an incident, many people think they’re fine, but may have suffered a whiplash injury.

Investing in Your Health

Investing in Your Health

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There is no denying that these are difficult economic times – and that many people have to budget and cut corners wherever possible. Whatever you do, don’t cut corners where your health is concerned! The economy will improve, and the last thing you need to do is make short term healthcare decisions with long-term consequences!

Making good on a New Year’s Resolution

Making good on a New Years Resolution

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With the arrival of 2011, many of us will make a “get into better shape” New Year’s resolution. Most of us, will then use exercise to attain our fitness and weight loss goals. While exercise can have a very positive impact on our lives, there are risks, and you really can get too much of a good thing.


Aging Boomers are out there! Can this be good for society?

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More and more aging Canadian baby boomers can be seen out there doing outrageous things like running, biking, playing tennis and even riding motorcycles. This can’t be a good thing!


Bone Sense

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Osteoporosis is a very common disease, affecting 1 in 4 people over the age of 50. As we age most of us should be doing more to minimize it’s impact on our quality of life.

Dizziness is a problem for many in our aging adult population.

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Dizziness is a significant problem – ranking 2nd only to the lower back for frequency of complaints in the adult population.

The vestibular system, or balance system, is the sensory system that helps control our eye movements and keep us upright so we can sit, stand, and walk. When we get dizzy, it is often because something has gone wrong with our vestibular system.