South City Physiotherapy is now a contracted physiotherapy service provider to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care’s “Community Physiotherapy Program” initiative.
Under the this program, eligible patients can receive OHIP funded physiotherapy treatment.
South City Physiotherapy has a long history of caring for the Guelph community, and is committed to ensuring that quality care is available to all. We are pleased to be part of the new “Community Physiotherapy Program” because it is a clinic based model, delivered specifically to ensure that eligible patients, have better access to physiotherapy services. In short, the OHIP Funded Physiotherapy Program will simply make our services available to those who might not have had access to them previously.

The “Community Physiotherapy Program” is structured under an “Episode of Care” (EOC) model that provides time-limited, goal-oriented physiotherapy treatment for a specific health condition.

At South City Physiotherapy, treatment under an “Episode of Care” may include, but is not limited to; one-on-one physiotherapy with a registered Physiotherapist (PT), Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA), or Kinesiologist, education regarding a patient’s specific condition, a home program of exercises, access to community programs and services (to address specific areas of need).
The number, frequency, and duration of visits offered during each EOC will vary based on the patient requirements. As determined by the treating physiotherapist’s professional and clinical judgment. Outcome measures will be taken on assessment, and at discharge.  As a patient completes an EOC, a discharge report will be sent to the referring physician or nurse practitioner.
Patient Eligibility Criteria
Patients must have a valid Ontario Health Card, and meet at least one of the following criteria;

  • Be aged 19 or under, or
  • Be aged 65 or over, or
  • Have been recently discharged from an inpatient hospital stay. And, that the need for physiotherapy is directly connected to the condition, illness, or injury for which they were admitted.

All patients must also present a written referral from a physician or a nurse practitioner.

Please note:
This program is for the treatment of a specific acute condition, not for the ongoing treatment of a chronic or long-term problem.

For more information please see the Ontario Ministry of Health and LTC website: