At South City Physiotherapy our practice is guided by a commitment to:

  • evidence-based, ethical treatments of the highest quality
  • the most advanced therapies and techniques
  • timely access to our services
  • excellence and professionalism through intensive post-graduate training

We provide necessary and evidence-based ethical treatments of the highest quality, using the most advanced therapies and techniques. We have the staff and facilities to provide quick access to qualified care.

Our practitioners have a wide range of clinical experience, professional training and specialist expertise, and are continually upgrading their qualifications.

We are committed to our patients: we want you to start feeling better, and we provide quality, timely assessment and treatment to help make that happen. We are aware of our social responsibility to provide the same high quality of treatment to all patients, regardless of socioeconomic status. And we are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of the medical community: by pooling our knowledge and talents, we can create a vital and significant change in health care and health care delivery.

South City focus’ on the outcomes and innovation in our clinical care, and in education and public service within our community. By working to inform patients, the medical community and the community at large about the benefits of timely and effective physiotherapy treatment we help to heal the community, one body at a time.