Covid – 19 Masking & Screening Policies – Effective June 13, 2022



Patients and staff will still be required to wear a mask in all clinic common areas and treatment rooms.

Our staff will continue to wear masks all day to help protect you, and we ask that you comply with this policy for the short time you are in the clinic – for your safety and that of everyone else.


Patients and staff will continue to be screened for Covid exposure and symptoms.

All new patients will be asked to answer a short list of Covid screening questions upon arrival. On subsequent visits to the clinic, you will simply be asked if there have been any changes to your previous answers.

We will continue to ask all clients to notify our staff over the phone or by e-mail if you are experiencing any covid symptoms and need to reschedule your appointment.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Why does South City continue to require masking and screening when provincial mandates have been lifted?

While the Ontario government has lifted provincial mask and screening mandates in most settings, Health Care facilities have been asked to implement their own policies.

South City’s patient population includes a high percentage of elderly individuals and many others who are immunocompromised. We also have many patients and several staff members who are caring for elderly, fragile parents or who have family members who are extremely vulnerable.

All our therapists must also be in close contact with patients for over 15 minutes – which raises the risk of Covid transmission.

After careful consideration of all of these factors, we have decided on the policies listed above. These policies will be reviewed every 2 weeks.

We understand how weary everyone is of screening procedures and wearing masks, but know that over the last 2 ½ years, because we’ve been so careful, South City has not had a single Covid case start at our clinic.

We have done well so far.  Please work with us to keep it that way!

Francine Doré – Clinic Director


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