Lisa Ditchburn


Lisa graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology in 2006. She continued on to graduate studies at McMaster University and completed her Masters degree in Physiotherapy in 2009. Since graduation, Lisa worked as an assistant clinic professor in the Physiotherapy Department at McMaster University, completed her Advanced Diploma in Manual and Manipulative Therapy, and received her certification in both Integrated Dry Needling and McMaster University Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Lisa has worked in a clinical setting since 2009 and is experienced working with a wide range of conditions and populations. She loves working with patients who are ready to get to the root cause of their pain, take charge of their health and work towards reaching their goals. She believes that the journey to a successful therapeutic outcome for her patients starts with a comprehensive assessment to get to know her patient, investigate their condition, search for the root cause of their symptoms and become clear on her patient’s goals and needs. She uses a combination of evidence-based techniques, clinical reasoning, and patient values to develop a unique treatment plan for each patient. Lisa provides an integrated and personal approach to patient care, which can include manual therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, patient education, nutrition and lifestyle management, exercise therapy, and collaboration with other disciplines.

Dedicated to continuous growth in the field, Lisa is constantly upgrading her knowledge in persistent pain, core and pelvic floor retraining, neck and low back pain, shoulder rehabilitation and nutrition. Lisa has a keen interest in metabolic health, nutrition, emotional health and mindset and how these factors impact our nervous system and musculoskeletal health.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys strength training, yoga, hiking, world travel and spending time with friends and family.

Lisa Ditchburn
Registered Physiotherapist
she / her
  • Acupuncture
  • Advanced Manual Therapy
  • IDN (Integrated Dry Needling)