Investing in Your Health

There is no denying that these are difficult economic times – and that many people have to budget and cut corners wherever possible. Whatever you do, don’t cut corners where your health is concerned! The economy will improve, and the last thing you need to do is make short term healthcare decisions with long-term consequences!

Unless you’ve had health challenges, it’s easy to take good health for granted. Many of us also forget just how important good health is to our quality of life, and to our ability to cope with life’s challenges…..and in an economy like this one, you really need good health!

This best way to improve and protect your health is to take personal responsibility for it. That means taking advantage of what we know about health and healthcare. Eat healthy, hydrate, exercise, sleep, and reduce stress in your life.

These preventative measures will help, but life still happens. Illness, injury and degenerative conditions are also facts of life, but get the help you need. See your doctor and dentist when you should! If you find yourself in pain – lower back, shoulder, neck, knee or whatever – see a physiotherapist. Not every clinic has a long waiting list, so find one that will get you in quickly!

Why is quickly important? Did you ever wonder why professional athletes receive immediate physiotherapy and rehabilitation following injuries? Team doctors have seen the studies, and know that patients get faster, more complete recovery when they get treatment immediately. You may not be a professional athlete, but you’ve got a life – and need to return to function as rapidly and completely as possible!

While Canadians are fortunate to have public health coverage, and many workers have extended health plans, you may not have coverage for physiotherapy or other care. Even though times are tough, don’t avoid or delay getting the help you need. That ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. And, will impact your quality of life now, and long after this bad economy is nothing but a memory. Only you can decide what that’s worth!

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