At South City Physiotherapy we provide a range of bracing solutions. Each patient has unique characteristics —that’s why we’ve designed our programs to adapt not only to needs that differ from patient to patient – but also to the needs of our patients’ over time as their condition changes.

It is worth noting, that the most common reason bracing solutions fail is patient non-compliance. By that we mean that patient’s stop using them. Usually because they are uncomfortable, don’t allow the skin to breath, or just don’t fit properly.

Patients have different shapes, sizes and medical diagnoses. Their level of physical activity also varies. That is why South City Physiotherapy offers the most diversified, premium product lines available. With a wide variety of choices from reputable companies we can provide you with the technology and brace style that suits you best – at price points for different budgets.

While low-cost off-the-shelf braces are readily available, many of them fail to provide the required support because they do not fit properly. Other factors that must be considered for bracing are the comfort, breathability of material, ease of application and durability.

For these reasons, South City offers a broad range of both custom and off-the shelf bracing solutions. So we can address the full spectrum of patient needs. We also have physiotherapists with advanced training and experience in brace fitting. Ensuring that all braces are sized and / or fitted properly. These physiotherapists can also answer any questions and provide you with a clear understanding of the benefits of each type of brace.

When an off-the shelf brace can provide a good cost-effective solution, know that we will always present you with that option first and ensure that your brace is of good quality and well suited to your needs. Only when your needs cannot be adequately met by an off-the-shelf brace will South City recommend a custom brace solution. While custom braces are generally more expensive, they can be more effective as they fit perfectly. Additionally, they come with extensive fitting, maintenance and warrantee services – all at no additional cost.