Aging Boomers are out there! Can this be good for society?

More and more aging Canadian baby boomers can be seen out there doing outrageous things like running, biking, playing tennis and even riding motorcycles. This can’t be a good thing!

Actually, it’s a great thing! What a great way to move into retirement! This kind of very active lifestyle adds such life to your years – and improves both mental and physical health. It can however also come with aches, pains, and even the odd strain. As we get older, it is even more important that we treat these conditions properly so that we recover quickly and more completely.

Those of you …um…err… with more life experience and wisdom (that was very smooth), have probably noticed that when something hurts now, it takes longer to recover, and sometimes it’s never quite the same afterwards. Our bodies just don’t bounce back like they used to!

The great news though, is that when your aching bones are slowing you down, you don’t have to sit at home suffering. But don’t just medicate your pain away! As unpleasant as it can be, remember that pain is one of the most important ways the body has of getting your attention, and telling you what’s wrong with it. Sometimes though, you need a professional to interpret those messages. Treating the body in ways that help it heal as quickly and completely as possible. One professional you should keep on your speed dial, is a good physiotherapist.

Once available almost exclusively to elite and professional athletes, physiotherapy services have become much more accessible. While physiotherapy is also essential while recovering from surgery. You don’t need to be recovering from surgery to benefit from physiotherapy. As a matter of fact, some conditions react so well to physiotherapy that surgery can be avoided altogether. This is great news to older Canadians who are staying more active – and unfortunately experiencing some consequences from all that fun.

The aging population is the newest group to benefit from the work of physiotherapists. Skilled in the assessment and management of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems. A good physiotherapy clinic will often offer osteopathy services as well. And, some even practice IMS (Intramuscular Muscle Stimulation) – a relatively new technique that “marries east and west “ – combining the intuition and experience of the eastern practice of acupuncture with the scientific knowledge of western medical science. IMS can be very effective in the management of chronic pain. While there are relatively few physiotherapists in Canada certified to practice IMS, the Guelph area is fortunate to have a small number of them.

So…aging boomers (and those with even more life experience), get out there, and have fun! And when you find yourself unable to pursue the activities you love, don’t quit – see a physiotherapist!

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