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School Backpacks, Back Pain & Injury Prevention

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The number of children reporting back pain and back injuries has increased dramatically in recent years. Heavy kids’ school backpacks and how they are used are the likely culprits in many of these cases.

While backpacks certainly are a helpful tool for managing school books and other supplies, and allow children to carry more than they could in their arms, the problem is that kids are carrying far more than what their bodies can handle.

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The Role of Physiotherapy in Pre and Post Natal Women

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The physical changes to a women’s body as related to pregnancy are multiple. The centre of mass changes, there is more pressure on the organs, and there is increased weight to be carried. All of this in a relatively short span of time often leads to back pain, pelvic pain and urinary incontinence. In fact, over two thirds of pregnant women experience back pain, one fifth experience pelvic pain and over 40% experience urinary incontinence in their first pregnancy – with half remaining incontinent at 8 weeks post-partum, and one third experiencing a new onset of incontinence after childbirth.

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