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Jared Lando – Registered Physiotherapist

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) NCCP – Triathlon Community Coach


Jared graduated from Manhattan College in Bronx, NY with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. After working as a strength coach for top high school and college athletes, Jared returned to school at Stony Brook University in NY and received his doctorate degree in physical therapy. Jared has worked in a variety of settings including skilled nursing facilities, multidisciplinary offices, and private orthopedic sports medicine clinics in NY and Waterloo, ON

Jared has a special interest in triathlon and running injury prevention and treatment as well as post surgical treatment. He is passionate about educating his patients and athletes on how to take ownership of their bodies so they can spend more time being active and less time being sidelined by injuries. His post graduate work has been with NAIOMT, the Mulligan Concept, Active Release Techniques, Functional Movement Systems and various running and triathlon courses.

In his spare time Jared is an Ironman triathlete and ultrarunner. He enjoys being outdoors on the trails or on a field playing soccer and baseball.